Alex Thomson Racing

A range of new titles from Tricorn hit the shops. Road to Vendee from Hugo Boss and Alex Thompson Racing is just one of these great books



Road to Vendee by Alex Thompson Racing illustrates the build of an icon, the Hugo Boss. She is the world's most sophisticated monohull built to sail around the world single-handed, non-stop in the world's toughest offshore ocean race, the Vendee Globe. Brought together in an oversize, casebound book, this narrative is packed with atmospheric and illustrative photographs of the build process, taken by oceanic photographer, Cleo Barnham over two years. Finished to exacting standards, with spot UV on a matt lam cover, head and tail bands, printed end papers this new title, supported by Hugo Boss, raises the bar for independent publishers.


Down on Red Bucket Farm from Francis Emery is a book of humorous verse for all children, younger and older than the author. Beautifully illustrated by Tracy Sullivan, whose work brings the book alive. A great present for all the family. ISBN 978-1-909660-13-7, £14.95 available soon.


An Illustrated Humanist Handbook for Older People, Alan Burnett; Norton Island - Sketches from Nature, Monique Seyler; Saturday's Child, Jeya Jane Shepherd

Three very different titles on the decks at the moment are almost ready for publication.

Former Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Alan Burnett, has produced a lively, engaging and thought provoking book on humanism. Aimed at an older market, it aims to provide a light-hearted insight into, the often taboo subject of, death and dying.

American artist, curator and author, Monique Seyler shares a myriad of her beautiful illustrations in this full colour title, while Jeya Shepherd recounts her own experience of bringing up a child with learning difficulties - slight enough for professionals to dismiss yet obvious enough to make a difference.


New for June

Brothers of Rome, Ed Scullion. ISBN 9781909660403 £7.95. Set in ancient Roman times, this historical novel is a compelling read. Young Manius Vetius’s journey is one of self discovery, which will take him to the four corners of the known world, soon to become Rome’s new Empire. He is haunted by not knowing who his father was, and the quest for the truth will take him on a collision course with lies, deceit, and betrayal, but he will also come to understand true friendship, camaraderie, loyalty and love. This pacey story is written using contemporary language and idioms, with credible characters, drama and action.

Different Shades of Messed Up, Ms Honey. ISBN 9781909660526. In today’s society, female sexuality is often treated as a taboo; however, with our Ms Honey that mentality is a thing of the past. Her recent novel illustrates, literally, how this powerful female takes control of her sexuality. It also demonstrates the success of self-publishing and how the process can liberate and empower authors, breaking convention and giving minorities a voice.

From Wiltshire to Wales, Ray Palmer. ISBN 978-1-909660-63-2. This is the story of an ordinary family. It is a large family, but an ordinary one nonetheless. This family is steeped in the principle of hard work, who through at least six centuries and many generations have strived to give their children a reasonable start in life and a good Christian home. It is a story of extremes, of a successful settled and respected family who suddenly and through no fault of their own fall upon hard times, and then some generations later and through their own efforts turn their fortunes around again. Like most families, they had their share of tragedies, some of which we cannot begin to imagine today; but there are also indications of much happiness and very strong family bonds. 

Visions of China, Ann Balfour. ISBN 978-1-909660-62-5. A collection of unique and original images from 1925-5, China. Ann Balfour had been intending to do something with the hoard of images, notes and diaries left by her father, Captain C M Butlin for ages when we met her. Hundreds of negatives, photos, scraps of paper and memorabilia were handed over in plastic carrier bags. We sifted and sorted, prioritised and printed, selected and edited until we had a strong and cohesive narrative worth publishing. Beautifully presented, this historical photo book reignites and celebrates a long forgotten part of Chinese heritage and history.


150 Best of 5 questions for the Nephrology Specialty Certificate Exam

The Royal College of Physicians’ Nephrology Specialty Certificate Exam was introduced in 2010 and provides a further hurdle for nephrology trainees in their career path towards eligibility for a consultant post. For those nephrologists working outside the UK, success with this exam can facilitate acquisition of a more favourable career path. The exam is far from inexpensive and it can be only attempted once in a calendar year, and so it follows that candidates should try to maximise their chances of success.

However, at the current time there are only limited resources to help candidates prepare for the exam.

This is where Dr Rahman and Dr Mushtaq’s 150 Best of 5 questions for the Nephrology Specialty Certificate Exam fills the gap. The questions provided in this book have been carefully selected to represent the topics covered in the postgraduate nephrology syllabus and are typical in structure and degree of difficulty to the questions seen in the exam.

Most impressive is the style of the up to date, evidence based and comprehensive explanations that underpin each topic, the regular use of images and tables making this resource not only a reliable, but also enjoyable, source of reference and learning.

ISBN: 978-1-909660-56-4 £59.99 Also available as an ereader. Initial enquiries through this website


Uniquely Falklands celebrates the beauty, isolation and uniqueness of the Falkland Islands through their vast landscapes, uninhibited wildlife and warm and generous people, as seen in the BBC's production Island Parish.

The English naturalist and geologist, Charles Darwin visited the Falkland Islands in the 1830s to collect information on geology, flora and fauna: his research would later influence and inform his work on evolutionary theory. Sealers and whalers established successful industries there in the late eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, but few people back in the UK had heard of this British Overseas Territory, made up of over 750 tiny islands far away in the South Atlantic Ocean, before April 2, 1982, when Argentina invaded . . . the rest of that story, they say, is history.

Written by Gail Baird with photography by Dan Bernard, Gail Baird & Andy Jackman; casebound with dust jacket; 160 full colour pages.

Colin Roberts CVO, recently appointed Governor of the Falkland Islands

"Captured by a talented team of photographers, Uniquely Falklands is an affectionate snapshot of the inimitable Falkland Islands, featuring both Islanders and members of the military community. It is fitting that profits from the sale of this book will support an important armed forces charity, the Royal British Legion."