Artists' Books

Produced in limited editions, they depend on illustration, exquisite materials and a process of attention to detail and decision. This does come at a cost, but means that if you can’t afford to produce or buy a work of art, you can afford to produce or buy a book - as a work of art.

Not being affected by the threat of electronic media and it could be argued, produced as a reaction to it, Artists’ Books are personal publications created, rather than designed, by artists where new ideas can be tried and the books treasured as beautiful objects. One of our most recent titles Uniquely British; A Year In the Life of the Household Cavalry was offered as a leather bound, limited edition - Her Majesty The Queen requested a copy.

Leather bound finishing

Traditional uncoated Buckram cloth, with foil emboss to front and spine

Kennel Holt Adam Plummer. Limited edition, short run. Typeface: Fournier

The story of 'Kennel Holt' dates back to its first owner, Eanberht, kinsman of Coenwulf, King of Mercia 804 – 820, through to its present owner Adam Plummer. This beautiful book is hand sewn, case bound with an un-coated Buckram cloth finish and gold leaf foil-blocking for the title, on the cover and spine. The internal pages are a wonderfully tactile, heavy 170 gsm ivory art paper, printed almost black with spot colour throughout. It is available from the author for £70. For details contact Tricorn Books.