Bespoke Artists' Books


Dust to Dust Pete Codling; 2014 Tricorn books - Available (from Author) case-bound pasted cover or as signed limited edition in presentation box, including associated ephemera.

“Pete Codling’s wall-drawing project Dust to Dust, which is commemorated in this book, was a defiant celebration of the value of cultural history and foundational art skills during a time of uncertainty about the future of Fine Art higher education in Portsmouth and an international decline in the arts and humanities in universities.”
Dr Marius Kwint



Between Two Worlds, The life and art of Ursula Sternberg Monique Seyler.  Sumptuous 300 page, full colour, 30 X 30cm coffee table publication


Atlantic Waves Jo Bemis.  ISBN 9781909660168 £14.95 Throughout my life I have had a strong affinity with the sea. The dramatic and ever-changing moods of the ocean are a constant source of inspiration for me. The paintings and sketches in this book have evolved from many visits to St Ives, and the beautiful, windswept North Atlantic shoreline. I find the ocean is a fascinating subject to put onto canvas. I hope this collection of work reflects my love for its energy and spirit.  Jo Bemis


Kalaalit Nunaat; Land of the People Alex Hibbert.  ISBN 978-0-9571074-4-1  £25 Hardback with dust jacket; 124 pages full colour. Available from A photographic account of Greenland.




Deane Clark's Portsmouth, re-print£18.95. I have been inspired to sketch and photograph Portsmouth, my home town, since I was eleven years old. Mrs V S Pearce first made me enthusiastic about drawing. Her holiday classes at her home in Villiers Road were enlivened by stories about the fall of Singapore.



Deane Clark's Hampshire, £18.95. Architect Deane Clark enjoys sketching his favourite buildings and boats in his home county Hampshire and nearby Sussex and the Isle of Wight. A major part of his work as Historic Buildings Architect for Hampshire County Council was care of churches and the county’s rich heritage of 12,500 historic buildings. This book, put together like his last one, Deane Clark’s Portsmouth, shows his style developing from formal pen and ink at Portsmouth Art College School of Architecture in the 1950s, to watercolours, fet tip pens and bright crayons. He continues to enjoy making new images - at home and abroad.

The Colour of Water Celia Clark, £17.95. Portsmouth, where I live, is a city surrounded by water: the seafront facing the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Langstone harbours and the tidal Portscreek.  Water in all its guises inspires me.  I love sea swimming, buoyed up in waves’ embrace or leaping over wave peaks.  The rivers Thames and Hudson flow through the places where our children live.  Salt water is pictured at sea level in the Mediterranean’s many moods, the varicoloured Atlantic in Bermuda and Martha’s Vineyard, the Bohai Sea in China…


Kennel Holt Adam Plummer.  ISBN 978-0-9562498-9-0 Typeface: Fournier, 80 pages including illustrations by Will Taylor.  Buckram cloth coated, casebound, foil block to title and spine


A Collection of Short Stories Roger James. Printed in Great Britain by Lee Asher, bound by James Flavell of Bembridge, Isle of Wight.