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 Dogs and Buskers VChris Gilbert and Simon Newman ... beautiful woodcuts, and eloquent words.

My Musical Memoir - Roy Wales

Taken at the Flood - William Ramsay - available now as limited edition signed copies - price £12.99.
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This is a superb summary of the current economic situation,
with many helpful thoughts on tax reform. The chapter on
Sterling and the European Union is particularly pertinent.
The danger of the UK having to join the Euro in the future
underpins the argument for Brexit.

The Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg

Wildmen on the Borders - Jan Wildman


Stay Safe My Grenadier - Stephen Pearmain

Winchester Legends Tony Kenyon





Uniquely Portsmouth May 2019

Portsmouth is a unique city. It is the country’s only island city, and its habitants are fiercely proud of its heritage and culture. It offers history, beautiful landscapes and a community of artistic, entrepreneurial and passionate people.

Uniquely Portsmouth offers an insightful view into this special city, through its heritage, landscape and people. Dan Bernard’s photography captures the spirit of the place and the communities within it. From the captivating nature and wildlife of its coastline and historically important naval dockyards, to the people who live, work and play here, this book reflects the uniqueness of the city.

To celebrate the launch of Uniquely Portsmouth, an event is being hosted on 2 May at Aspex Gallery (Gunwharf Quays). The photography will be on display in a special exhibition, and there will be opportunities to purchase the book at a discounted rate.


Available on amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk


Amy Lily Victoria Evans - Stunning 200 page photobook 30 x 28 cm Casebound in cloth, foil embossed, gold edged text block and printed throughout on 170gsm splendorgel - project included studio and location shoots, launching Amy in the new year.

Omar & Bear, The Wrong Train - Veronica Ewen isbn 978-1-909660-81-6,  £15.99 available Oct 1 2017 from the author contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

London 1990’s Omar had often dreamed of travelling to far off lands. Not once in his wildest dreams did he think they would ever be realized. Until one day he receives a mystery parcel in the post. On opening, he finds a letter address to him, inside the parcel with the letter a bear waiting to be lifted out. From that day on, his life and views of life started to change forever.


The Farmers Lot  - Ivor Dungheap (Lloyd Jennings).


The Salmon Run - Dan Waring ISBN: 978-1-909660-72-4 £16.99 available hardback and softback  - This is the story of Redd, a Sockeye Salmon from the heart of the wild Alaskan rivers. He follows the natural course of the salmon run with a shoal of intrepid adventurers into the Bering Sea and beyond… "Due to an explosion, the clear waters turn black. Redd and his friends find themselves cut off from their home streams. An adventure begins into the Deep Southern Oceans to find a new home worthy of their ancestors and future generations to come."

A Long Walk Down Memory Lane - Peter Youngs: ISBN 978-978-1-90966-5

My account of 22 walks in the county of Kent and also some eastern areas of East Sussex reflects the enjoyable experiences in these particularly scenic areas of Britain. The Nostalgic side of these visits is significant. Many memories of boyhood holidays came back to me. I selected areas that I had known well in the past, somewhat randomly, as the moods took me . The main parts of the country I concentrated my hikes on included the city of Canterbury; the Cinque Ports and holiday resorts, (including Folkestone, Dover, Hythe, Hastings, Rye, Sandwich and Deal) the Romney Marsh; Battle (A 1066 theme)); North Downs Way walks; the spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells; and numerous very scenic villages. I am still continuing the walks in south east England, but I thought the first 22  provided sufficient material for a book. I undertook each walk on a day trip basis from my Hampshire home, but still covered, often, between 10 and 16 miles; rail, bus and car journeys to and from the walks are described too. A good selection of colour photographs and map capture very good views and locations


Village Boys Still - Trevor Purnell - available at  www.tillington.net/Village_Boys.html

"A superb new book, Young Men Still, is now available which covers the lives of thirty-one soldiers from the Parish of Tillington who fell in the Great War.

Following the Exhibition in 2014 in All Hallows’ Church, Tillington, Trevor Purnell has conducted further substantial research into the soldiers from the parish who were killed in the Great War.

He considers that it has been a privilege to use this work to produce a stirring book which includes chapters on all thirty-one soldiers from the parish of Tillington. The book portrays where possible something of their individual personalities and with these insights the young men will no longer be just names, without rank or regiment, inscribed on the brass memorial plaques in our village church.

It is a high quality hard-backed book with an impressive dust cover.  There are over two hundred pages and one hundred black and white images.  In addition there are two sections of beautiful full colour images.  The images of  web quality do not do the book or its images justice, but rest assured you will not be disappointed"

In early September 1914 the devastating advance of the German Army through Belgium and France was  finally halted during the Battle of the Marne. From this river British and French Forces drove the enemy back nearly sixty miles to the
northern slopes of the River Aisne, but they could not force a further retreat. this impasse developed into stalemate with opposing forces digging defensive trenches for the first time. So began the nightmare that was to be trench warfare, confining both sides to a relatively narrow area of land and a deadlock that would take another three years and thousands of lives to break.

Stretching from the shores of Belgium to the Swiss border the Western Front was the main theatre for the major battles of the Great War. By 1916 this front was largely a zigzag line of defensive trenches protected by miles of tangled barbed-wire,
machine gun posts and dug out shelters. Before a major attack the artillery would often begin a barrage of shell with the intent to destroy the enemy barbed-wire defences, their front line trenches and to subdue the defending infantry. Unfortunately this tactic often failed with barbed-wire left intact and few machine guns silenced.


Road to Vendée - Alex Thomson Racing, Sponsored By Hugo Boss, Photography Cleo Barnham

The building of an icon - the world’s most sophisticated monohull built to sail around the world single-handed, non-stop.

The Vendée Globe is known as the world’s toughest offshore ocean race: non-stop, single-handed, averaging 26,000 nautical miles around the world, unassisted. The race takes place every 4 years and winning is arguably the most coveted accolade in offshore sailing. It is not for the faint-hearted, and it is not always plain sailing.
    Getting to the starting line of the Vendée Globe takes grit, determination and a committed team: time, patience and a lot of hard work. Also known as the ‘Everest of the Seas’, the Vendée Globe sees a 50% attrition rate–only 11 out of 20 boats finished the 2012-2013 race.

Alex Thomson on his new boat HUGO BOSS, currently racing in the Vendee Globe 2016

The book contains over 300 photo's shot entirely by Cleo Barnham, over a 2 year period

Thank you - Dan Bernard and Gail Baird at Tricorn books for their boundless enthusiasm, creativity and hard work producing this beautiful book - Cleo Barnham


Chalk Hills White Horses, Angus Haywood Casebound in Wibalin, Copper foil. - ISBN 978-1-909660-68-7 £22.95. available from the author now

"The White Horses and Hill figures are never quite on their own. Whatever the season someone in our landscape will be aware of one in the corner of their eye, perhaps in the far distance through the window of their cottage, above or below them when walking downland and upland, or looming over them from the other side of the valley.  Like many, they first came into my own conscious when young, in Dorset, intermittently glimpsing the Fovant Badges or the Cerne Abbas Giant framed through the glass of the family car as we skimmed past the flickering hedgerows and trees or, suddenly ahead after the curve in a road, in stark view."

Angus Haywood


Down on Red Bucket Farm - Francis Emery

Until the creation of this book, my only claim to fame was sharing my christian name, and my birthday with the Pope. It was very good of him to point that out. We have never met of course, but
it was the chance meeting with a mouse, here deep in the South Downs, that has inspired everything within.
        Fairly soon after my own creation, the need to make people laugh was a discovery I enjoyed making, and I have never let go of that. My first poem exists somewhere in a school magazine c1960, but creating humorous verse has only really started for me in recent years.
    It is the people around me though, who have pushed me towards ‘Down on Red Bucket Farm’.   
    Kind comments about my work, but especially hearing people laugh out loud at the antics of the characters within made it all happen.

It will have the same affect on you. Enjoy.


Visions of China, Ann Balfour - from the Diaries of Claude Butlin

After serving as a Term officer at the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth, Commander C.M Butlin was appointed to H.M.S. Hawkins and set sail for the China Station in 1925.

In the previous century Treaties had been forced on the Chinese which allowed foreigners to establish trading facilities in certain ports along the coast and on the Yangtze River. Later concessions were also granted and these were run entirely by foreigners and in them the Chinese had no jurisdiction.

China was in some chaos in the 1920’s. The Manchu Dynasty has ended and War Lords with their armies had taken over. To protect trade from these soldiers and from pirates, ships of the British Navy patrolled the coast and Yangtze River. Smaller gun boats were used to escort the convoys of commercial ships up and down the river.  There was great need for oil at that time.

These photographs were taken by Claude Butlin during his tour of duty in China between 1925 and 1928. Ann Balfour is the daughter of C.M.B.

Hand bound in buckram with decorative endpapers, text block is an accordion fold, including booklet of the diary text - available from Tricorn books for £55

20th Century Naval Dockyards: Devonport and Portsmouth Characterisation Report written by the Naval Dockyards Society

This characterisation study was commissioned by English Heritage, now Historic England, to increase our overall understanding of the dockyard built environment by telling the national story of twentieth century dockyards and the particular narratives of Devonport and Portsmouth Dockyards, the two remaining English naval bases.

Before this study, twentieth century dockyards had not been appraised holistically. It will inform possible future discussions with the MoD and Dockyards to enable Historic England to focus its resources effectively in managing these historic environments. It was also important to assess them before imminent naval policy changes further affect the built environment.

Tricorn Books worked closely with coordinator Ann Coats, founder of the Naval Dockyards Society on this project to ensure the design and production of this book was commensurate with the high standard of academic rigour as its content.



Turning treks into text,
walks into words
and steps into stories

That’s exactly what Peter Youngs did with Ice Cream, Cakes and  a Very Long Walk. Peter walked from Land’s End to John O’Groats over a period of 3 years and 7 months, covering 1,535 miles during 107 days  of walking.  Not only that, but he documented each day in his journals.

This new, hard back publication is the product of his efforts. Complete with colour photographs, drawings and maps, and finished to an exceptionally high standard, it provides a truly lovely and engrossing read.

£14.95, available from the League of Friends café in QA Hospital, Portsmouth. ISBN 978-1-909660-46-5. Initial enquiries through this website. Also available as an eBook

Cookie and Co  Mike Perkins £27.50 from Author with inquiries through this website.

It all started in 1986 on the ski slopes of Austria when I had a chance encounter with a near neighbour, Brian Mullineaux from Hayling Island. After exchanging surprise pleasantries Brian asked if we could meet up that evening at my hotel as he had something he wanted to discuss with me. Knowing my interest in old cars, Brian asked that evening if I would be willing to take part in a classic car endurance rally to celebrate the bi-centenary of Australia. All vehicles taking part had to be of pre 1936 vintage and would drive across the world ,without back up, starting at Marble Arch on New Years day, 1988 and finishing at the Sydney Opera House. There was no time limit specified or any specific route to complete the journey. Without hesitation, my reply was yes.

Dust to Dust Pete Codling. December 2014. Available from the author. Casebound pasted cover or as signed limited edition in presentation box, including associated ephemera.

Dr Marius Kwint said of it ... Pete Codling’s wall-drawing project Dust to Dust, which is commemorated in this book, is a defiant celebration of the value of cultural history and foundational art skills during a time of uncertainty about the future of Fine Art higher education in Portsmouth and an international decline in the arts and humanities in universities.” Dr Marius Kwint

“The drawings offered to you here, present something akin to a beginning and end of drawing, a creation with a view to ruination within a certain space and time…… …. Some may have wept at the ruins of these drawings. Perhaps weeping was needed all along.” Dr Jennifer Walden

“No one can experience Dust to Dust, which exists only in rubble and memories adding to the significance of this book. This volume is an inspirational record of Codling’s own desire to express his personal history and the story of his art practice, from his time as a student in the 1980s in the Space that was once his studio. These vast drawings are passionate metaphors of his fascinating journey, conveying feelings about his relationships and of being an artist today.”
Denise Callender. Curator of Space

Uniquely Falklands Andy Jackman, Dan Bernard, Gail Baird. 297mm x 240mm; 160 full colour pages. Published September 2014. £25 (Available via this website)

The English naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin visited the Falkland Islands in the 1830s to collect information on geology, flora and fauna: his research would later influence and inform his work on evolutionary theory. Sealers and whalers established successful industries there in the late eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, but few people back in the UK had heard of this British Overseas Territory, made up of over 750 tiny islands far away in the South Atlantic Ocean, before April 2, 1982, when Argentina claimed sovereignty and invaded . . . the rest of that story, they say, is history.

Uniquely Falklands celebrates the landscape, wildlife and people of the Islands through a visual narrative and allows us a glimpse into this beautiful and unique archipelago, over 8,000 miles away. Unmissable.

"Captured by a talented team of photographers, Uniquely Falklands is an affectionate snapshot of the inimitable Falkland Islands, featuring both Islanders and members of the military community. It is fitting that profits from the sale of this book will support an important armed forces charity, the Royal British Legion."  Colin Roberts CVO, Governor


Learning From Difference Christopher Balfour. A personal and family memoir and what some ‘One Nation’ Conservatives tried to achieve in the 1970s and 1980s. Publication December 2014. Casebound with foil emboss and dust jacket. Includes large-scale family tree throw out at the back. £20 ISBN: 978-1-1900660-27-4. Available from P&G Wells bookshop, Winchester.

Unaware of past paternal family accomplishments by Balfours and Ogilvies, who set out from Fife to found enterprises in Chile and North America in the middle of the nineteenth century, by Smarts in the London world of music and by Figdors and Joachims (also musical and helped by Wittgenstein cousins), who left Pest after the Danube floods in1838, the author found himself tussling with the ideas of maternal relatives. lt was the difference between the wish to create, taking risks if needs be, exemplified by the Ryde Air Ferry in the 1930s, or the Portsmouth Aerocar and the Indian venture in the 1940s, and a different view of financial stability and social standing. There was conflict, partially his own fault, whilst at Eton, during compulsory National Service in Libya, at University (except for months in then peaceful Afghanistan), in attempts at working for others and after adoption as a Parliamentary Candidate. For a decade he worked in the employment services becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of the differences between private and state education.



Between Two Worlds The life and art of Ursula Sternberg  Monique Seyler. Sumptuous, 300 page, full colour, 30 X 30cm coffee table book. Publication spring 2014 priced £45

This book is meant to give a taste of the scope of Ursula’s oeuvre. From her journals, drawings, paintings, prints, assemblages, sculptures, fabric designs, illustrated journals and more, spanning several decades, (Belle Epoque was clearly her favorite), and continents, as well as at all levels of society.


Timeless Tides:  Collected writings and poems Sam Cox Portsmouth Poet Laureate
There are so many things I could say about myself, but if you look closely – somewhere in-between the words and the silence; poems seem to have their unique way of telling our stories. I write in order to celebrate / laugh/ dream / run / connect / question / anchor…
Sometimes the words will not keep still and have made their way to music / drama / dance / film…


Of bales and banking Growing up in 1950s rural England Mike Pitcher.


Casebound with dust jacket, foil emboss and spot colour throughout. Elegant design and richly illustrated autobiography. Available from the author and through this website £20. ISBN: 978-1-909660-21-2.

1953 witnessed some momentous events, however, a ten-year-old Master Pitcher was untouched by these headlines. Wrapped in the cocooned isolation of a tiny Wiltshire village virtually unchanged over the centuries, he was much more exercised about his Eleven Plus exam result, whether the local gamekeeper would discover a sunken cattle trough he and some pals had been attempting to navigate sixty miles down the River Avon to the sea, and if his mother would seek further evidence regarding the positive - if somewhat economical with the truth - answer he always gave to her regular challenge : “are ye wearin’ yer vest, Michael?”

Japanese Chin Champions of the the British Isles, Christine Sargant 2014


 Uniquely British A Year in the Life of the Household Cavalry ISBN- 978-0-957074-03 £29.95

A richly illustrated casebound book, with dust jacket which tells the unique story of an organisation at the heart of Britain. To the world at large, the iconic image of The Household Cavalry in its ceremonial role has been brought to life by the many prestigious and unique events that have taken place in the last 12 months, none more so than the 2012 Diamond Jubilee and the Royal Wedding of their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. At the same time, the book covers the dual-role of the soldiers of The Household Cavalry who can one day be on ceremonial duty and the next on the front line in current combat operations – most notably in Afghanistan.  Foreword by HM The Queen.  Editors: Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hughes, Capt Tom Davie, HCMR
. Written by Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hughes & Officers of The Household Cavalry. 
Photography: Including,  Julian Calder, Dan Bernard, Gail Baird.


Kissed by the Bee Maureen Melvin  ISBN, 978-0957343566, price £17.95. Richly illustrated, humorous verse, casebound with dust jacket. Formerly Principal Soprano of the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company, Maureen is now a full-time writer of humorous verse. She presents her poems live, broadcasts on radio and her work has been published in national magazines, including The Literay Review, The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph, The Lady and Woman.


So this is Portsmouth? Max Green, author of Cabbie with a Camera.  ISBN 978-0-9573435-0-4 £12.95  144 pages, full colour, hardback. This is a story of Portsmouth people and local characters in pictures. Available Waterstones, Portsmouth


Autobiography of Cabbie with a Camera Max Green £9.95  "I came out of the Army with a few of my friends, one mentioned that he was going on the Knowledge.” We all looked at him and asked, “What’s the Knowledge?”


Deane Clark's Portsmouth, re-print £18.95.  I have been inspired to sketch and photograph Portsmouth, my home town, since I was eleven years old.  Mrs V S Pearce first made me enthusiastic about drawing.  Her holiday classes at her home in Villiers Road were enlivened by stories about the fall of Singapore.


Deane Clark's Hampshire £18.95. Architect Deane Clark enjoys sketching his favourite buildings and boats in his home county Hampshire and nearby Sussex and the Isle of Wight. A major part of his work as Historic Buildings Architect for Hampshire County Council was care of churches and the county’s rich heritage of 12,500 historic buildings. This book, put together like his last one, Deane Clark’s Portsmouth, shows his style developing from formal pen and ink at Portsmouth Art College Shool of Architecture in the 1950s, to watercolours, fet tip pens and bright crayons. He continues to enjoy making new images - at home and abroad.


Celia & Deane Clark's Portsmouth £18.95.  Celia was lucky enough to marry Deane Clark and thereby gain a home town, his birthplace. As living organisms, cities continually change - but whether all changes in Portsmouth were for the better is still debated. Living in there since 1970, they have seen Portsmouth change – rapidly at first during the ‘Second Blitz’ - new roads, slum clearance and comprehensive redevelopment, and then more slowly as conservation areas, general improvement areas and creative reuse of buildings took hold. The photos are a mix of old and new. Deane took the photos of the now demolished buildings, before Celia acquired her own camera. Excellent new structures enhance the city, highlighted in the Portsmouth Society’s annual Design Awards.


Edward R King The Portsmouth Painter who influenced Van Gogh  John Haggarty ISBN 978-0-9573435-2-8, £12.99
Edward King’s personal story is so evocative of the period that it could have been a Victorian tragedy written by Charles Dickens
Edward King’s contemporaries were the most famous of English Victorian artists such as Boyd Houghton, Charles Keene, Aubrey Beardsley and Walter Sickert, most of whom were, like him, strongly influenced by Impressionism. He often makes references to his contemporaries, though not always favourable ones!
King’s greatest recognition came from Vincent van Gogh


White to Black Celia Clark  ISBN 978-0-9571074-6-5 £25. 148 pages, full colour. A collection of photographs from academic, campaigner, author and photographer, Celia Clark that takes you on a journey from light to dark and white to black. Snatches of observation and juxtapositioned, the photographs are taken from places around the world that are important to her. "Light and Place are my life’s twin poles. Light delights us; Place grounds us in space. This book is a journey - from the brightest white to the darkest night." Order via www.celiaclark.co.uk.
Very well done! So many of the images are absolutely stunning, bringing to one's attention features that are regrettably - and all too easily - either ignored or taken for granted. Your needle-sharp eye has succeeded in highlighting important detail, and over such a wide range. Moreover, your sensitive antennae have not only perceived but created engaging 'abstracts' from the most basic materials and natural phenomena.  I should add the book has been expertly produced by 131 Design Ltd (sister company of Tricorn Books).


The Colour of Water Celia Clark, £17.95. Portsmouth, where I live, is a city surrounded by water: the seafront facing the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Langstone harbours and the tidal Portscreek.  Water in all its guises inspires me.  I love sea swimming, buoyed up in waves’ embrace or leaping over wave peaks.  The rivers Thames and Hudson flow through the places where our children live.  Salt water is pictured at sea level in the Mediterranean’s many moods, the varicoloured Atlantic in Bermuda and Martha’s Vineyard, the Bohai Sea in China…

The Life of Riley Prof Ray Riley. Casebound autobiography available from author only.


Thomas Ellis Owen: Father of Portsmouth Shaper of Southsea Sue Pike, photography Tim Martin. 220 pages, full colour. ISBN 978-0-9562498-6-9   £25