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Christopher Balfour

A Portsmouth venture, embraced by an Indian Maharajah

Lionel Balfour and his colleague, Francis Luxmoore, sought to develop a radical aeroplane to challenge the cumbersome  pre-war aircraft that were available in the 1930s. With convenience and comfort in mind, the Aerocar prototype G-AGTG was tested and orders started rolling in. All they needed to do was finance it.

Their journey took them to the United States, Canada and then India, where the support and generosity of the Jam Saheb of Nawanagar, a maharajah of one of the princely states, helped them with their endeavour. But with the onset of Partition, the Aerocar’s future was doomed.

Using previously unseen documents, and notes from his father’s archives, Christopher Balfour tells the story of this very
British endeavour.

 for sale at the Aviation bookshop Tunbridge Wells


Sweet Home Hinton Ampner - Charlie Flindt

Charlie and Hazel Flindt farm 920 acres of heavy land on the National Trust-owned estate at Hinton Ampner in Hampshire. In 2015, Charlie decided that the time was right to record, in the finest detail, a year on a normal, non-organic, non-rare breed farm – the sort of farm that forms the vast majority of the countryside, and feeds an even higher proportion of the population. The result is a comprehensive daily record of weather, farm activities, band rehearsals, gruesome medical matters, rural crime, and, of course, Tuesday nights in the Flowerpots pub. A farm diary like you’ve never read before.


A collection of Short Stories - Gareth Davies - available August 2019


 The Hidden Life - LM Narlisee


Alzheimers Not Just a Memory - Angela Hogarth, isbn 9781912821204, available April 2019. Inn hardback and softback versions I cannot remember for sure when things began to change. The doctors ask me this question all the time, and in all honesty I reply that I don’t know. I can only remember markers in my life that guide me to the answer.

We were leading a normal family life, we both had good jobs and a nice house which Derek had built for us. We did everything together as a family and considered ourselves a tight unit. We enjoyed holidays together, running the girls to and from after-school clubs. Derek loved his football and working in the garden.

There were no signs that Derek was ill. In fact, in all the years I have known him, he has only been ill once. He was borderline workaholic and hated taking time off work as he was self-employed. He always insisted that we couldn’t afford for him not to work. He would only have a couple of weeks off a year. 

The early signs were his hearing. Then later he would hit his head with his hands. When he walked out of work we were left with only my part-time wage. Not enough to run a house, let alone a family. 

This journal is an account of when my hard-working husband’s health began to deteriorate and the effects it has had on our family life.

Stay Safe my Grenadier - Stephen Pearmain isbn 9781912821235 £12.99

An old suitcase, 500 letters. A true love.

In 2013, Stephen Pearmain went up to his loft and rediscovered his great-grandmother Phine’s suitcase. Inside, were an amazing collection of letters, postcards and photos sent between her and her ‘darling Leslie’. The letters, starting in 1914, record their lives during World War One, as Leslie fights in the trenches and dodges bullets, and Phine gets by working in the munitions factory and sewing shirts.

These letters are not only a valuable record of everyday life during this time, but are also testament to a romance that survived the brutal Great War and beyond. available from the Authors website click here


Wildmen on the Borders, Jan Wildmen - 9781912821228 available hard and softback - released April

Sitting on a crumbling bank under a wind-stunted oak with our boots on the pebble-mud mix of the southern tip of Chidham peninsula, we realised that we didn’t want to stop.We – me, a local government museum learning manager, and my primary headteacher husband Mark – had already extended the much-anticipated ‘when our children leave home’ Solent Way into Sussex because of a long-held desire to venture onto Thorney Island. However, it was the feeling of having discovered a place so near to home that we would never have gone to if not for ‘the walk’ – a place so quintessentially coastal, so redolent of invaders and settlers, of people and trees eking out an existence unchanged for centuries – that made us realise that we wanted to continue. We wanted to stumble or hike upon other gems and even upon the desperate, down-at-heel, recession-blighted places that intersperse them. We wanted to drag a thread through the tapestry of life and land at the edges of England, to see places that were previously just names on a map and landscapes we didn’t know existed.


Elena Sommers Three new titles - all availalbe to buy @



Kent Walks, volume 2, Peter Youngs

Journey into the Unknown - Wolfgang Pietrek - released 2019

A Portsmouth Living Legend - Ian Tungatt

...So now it was on. I squared up on the cobbles, showed him my right hand, waving it out there. He looked straight at it and that was my cue – you’re going over. I took the weight on my back foot, ready to throw my bomb and my leg slipped off the cobble stone. I stood up and my leg gave way. The pain was so excruciating it was unbearable. I thought the bone had come out the side of my leg. I couldn’t even stand up so I grabbed hold of Ray and couldn’t let go. When I had hold of him I could tell by his feel that I was twice as strong as him, he was like a kitten to me. I took a great chunk out of him while I had hold, he started making all different noises, not up to the hustle of a real fight, but what could I do?


The Salmon Run, Dan Waring re-released 2nd edition. launched June 2018

Walking the Hampshire Borders - Peter Youngs published may 2108

Ragnarok  - Ashley Vernon, published May 2018

Romany to Royal - Michael Pidgley,  published May 2018


Circle of Hope, Daniella Seymour, published May 2018

Rosella of Darkness World and Her Live Forever Potion Elena Sommers - isbn 98781909660960 available @

The powerful enchantress Rosella lives in a spooky and mysterious castle. She rules over her kingdom named Darkness World. Most of all, Rosella wishes to make a live-forever potion. Her unusual friends, Water, Fire, Gravity and Night (her talking pet), support her with her quest. Rosella discovers through her diamond mobile mirror Lexa, that she needs some ingredients to make a live-forever potion – a pot of the hottest lava on earth, the ring of life, two poisoned apples, one pumpkin and happy memories retrieved from one thousand children. She asks her powerful friends to help her with her task.



Snowflake of Bearland, Elena Sommers, published April 2018

Miscellaneous Musings, Ann Pilling, published May 2018

L'heritage Post Traumatique du Roi Leopold au Congo Irenne Kayembe Mbombo - 9781909660991 - French Translation

Congo’s Post-Traumatic Legacy of King Leopold II, Irenee KAYEMBE MBOMBO,  - £7.99  As Carter G. Woodson once put it “If you can control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being told; and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one.”

Three Royal Sisters Elena Sommers   - SBN 9781909660861, £7.99 Once upon a time there was a very tall white castle near the blue, round lake. It was surrounded by green fields and rolling hills that nearly touched the clouds. The old King of Philiphia lived there with his three beautiful teenage daughters: Rosella, Snowflake and Mary.

Coming soon - Ted Wrights Universal Cook book.... In the thirty-six years of my service with the armed forces I travelled  extensively and found, as a chef, many varied and interesting dishes. Some common, some not so common, the kind of dish you may taste in some far-off land and wish you had the recipe for! I have compiled an assortment of dishes which I feel would be of interest to a wide cross section both professional and not so professional chefs/housewives. My thanks go out to many people of all nationalities who revealed their jealously guarded secrets, private and family dishes – many only after being plied with capacious libations – and to my long suffering wife Sheila who was always my taster and head bottle washer. I have added to the end of the book a few luncheon menus I produced for V.I.P.s over the years just to give you an idea of menu building, plus some of the interesting wines to accompany them.

Masirah or A Cooks Tour Cedric Wright, aka Ted the Bread - ISBN 978-1-909660-78-6 £6.99 - This chronicle deals with RAF Station Masirah in the years 1974–75 and the trials, tribulations and times had by myself and others. This chronicle I felt required to be written in memory of the chaps who served in these stations, both single and married personnel. Those who are no longer with us and those who are still around and recall their time served on  unaccompanied tours such as this one.


Before During and After the Falklands War part 1 and 2 isbn 978-1909660762 £12.99 each

Available on Amazon @

Islandernoun. One who lives in the Falklands, and embraces and contributes to the way of life

"This is a frank and fascinating account of life in the Falkland Islands before and after the 1982 War.
Islander Richard Stevens paints a memory-prompting picture of life in the yester-year when the country was engulfed in colonial bureaucracy and also recounts the war from the little-known angle of a small group of people who were in the frontline in the final days leading up to Liberation from invading Argentine forces.  This is in itself a valuable record of a time when people pulled together to help each other and the British troops achieve what should have been an impossible feat. But it is also a story of what brings people to the Falklands in the first instance, and more importantly, what it is that captures their imagination and inspires them to stay. Richard as a travelling teacher visiting remote farms to teach just a few pupils at a time knew exactly what he was getting into when he settled, married, raised his children on a small, barely accessible farm and went on to take part in  shaping of the Falkland’s future as an elected Member of the Legislative Assembly. He took it all on with characteristic good humour and thankfully, has taken the time to share his journey on varied forms of transport along the often soggy tracks and bumpy roads of the Falklands."

Sharon Jaffray, Deputy Editor, Penguin News


The Bootpolishers Grandson John Hayes £6.99, isbn ISBN 9781909660823 - The lino felt cold on Johnny’s small feet. As he rolled out of bed he replaced the blanket over his Uncle Boomer’s shoulders so he wouldn’t be disturbed. Johnny had shared a bed with Boomer for as long as he could remember. Johnny looked in the long mirror attached to Boomer’s wardrobe. A small, dark wavy haired, freckled faced, brown-eyed boy looked back at him. He was dressed in one of his grandad’s cut up shirts, as his pyjamas were being washed. A chair by the window held Johnny’s folded up school uniform, on the floor his play clothes lay discarded strewn around after last night’s adventure Johnny quickly got dressed in his last night’s togs: long grey socks, grey shorts, grey shirt, grey jumper and tuff tom boots. Just then his eyes fell upon Boomer’s jack knife, resting temptingly on the small table on Boomer’s side of the bed. Quietly, Johnny crept to his target, lifted his prize and stuffed it down his sock, he slowly opened the door, then closed it silently behind him and descended the stairs, ready for the new day. Available directly from the author on 02392 713993

The Penny Model Stefan Charidge ISBN 978-1-909660-74-8 - We are all emotional beings and we need all our emotions in order to have a happy, balanced and contented life. This book explores the human experience through the core emotions of: We mainly want joy but if our fear, anger or sadness are too big, too small, or out of shape, we become unbalanced, start to wobble and lose the joy in our lives. I will show you how you can experience  your emotions in a healthy way by  ‘getting the message’. 

“Excellent. Refreshingly clear with use of visual/objects which made points concrete and experiential”
“Entertaining, funny, engaging”
“Enjoyable, really deconstructed depression”
“Made complete sense, easy to understand, would like to know more”

M a s i r a h or A Cook ’s Tour  - ISBN 978-1-909660-78-6 £7.99 Cedric (Ted) Wright M.I.S.M w/o R AF retired aka Ted the Bread Masirah & Sahalah Veterans Association. This chronicle deals with RAF Station Masirah in the years 1974–75 and the trials, tribulations and times had by myself and others. This chronicle I felt required to be written in memory of the chaps who served in these stations, both single and married personnel. Those who are no longer with us and those who are still around and recall their time served on  unaccompanied tours such as this one.

A Steady Hand on the Plough Peter William Jolliffe Rector of Poole, 1791 - 1861 ISBN 9781909660809 - when the young Peter Jolliffe became Rector of Poole, he could never have foreseen that he would still be in post 70 years later! Holding the record for the longest incumbency in the Church of England, Jolliffe remained faithful to his calling, labouring valiantly during the most turbulent era of Poole’s history. Suffering the tragic loss of his wife and three of his children, becoming the intended victim of a serious fraud, surviving a near catastrophic accident, and at times overcoming intense criticism, Jolliffe’s example is one of perseverance with dignity. Through the lens of a dedicated pastor’s long and unique ministry, a fascinating glimpse into nineteenth century Church life in Poole.



TRANSPORTATION TO WESTERN AUSTRALIA (1842 to 1849) ISBN - 9781909660755  - Available on Amazon, £8.50

I decided to write this book in order to give a wider and clearer picture of the lives of the young boys who were sent to Western Australia (Swan Colony) as punishment for relatively minor crimes in Victorian Britain.

 Some researchers have detailed the indentures served by these boys on arrival in Western Australia, which I have included in my book, but I wish the reader to have a clearer understanding of the crimes committed, where the boys spent their time before transportation, their behaviour in prison in some cases and also whether there was any intervention on their behalf regarding the harsh transportation sentence, bearing in mind the young age of these boys. I would like to thank the author Andrew Gill for affording me a clearer insight into the lives of these boys on their arrival in Western Australia and also for the research undertaken by Pamela Statham. Other research has been undertaken online, by visits to the National Archives, Kew, London and whilst visiting the State Library and Old Courthouse in Perth, Western Australia.


Before During and After, The Falklands War - Richard Stevens

The Farmers Lot - Lloyd Jennings

A secular publication to inform, amuse and encourage those in later life - By DR Alan Burnett, ISBN 978-1-909660-32-8

Its content and format are highly original and entertaining. Its illustrations are unique Insights from a wide range of academic and popular sources are to be found in its 150 pages This book complements secular publications which are focussed on other age groups
It caters for the millions of older people in the UK, and around the world, who are sceptical about religionLastly, but not least, it can be enjoyed at home or in libraries; in cafés or on cruise liners; on benches and beaches; and in the waiting rooms of surgeries and hospitals

The Salmon Run - Dan Waring ISBN 978-1-909660-72-4

Dan’s been a fisherman from the day his father took him to the River Exe in Devon. He was 11 years old  when he hooked into his first rainbow trout. Since then, Dan’s cast a fly and fought many battles throughout the waters of the world.
  From the Sea trout of South West England to Scotland, over to Norway and on to the Icelandic salmon; down to the warm Mediterranean sea bass, across the Atlantic and around the Canaries, where he crewed big-game fishing boats for marlin, tuna and sharks; and it didn’t end there. From the North Pacific Ocean cod and halibut to the turbulent estuaries of the Bering Sea king salmon; south to the temperate waters off  Mauritius and the Indian Ocean for bonito and wahoo. Then the South Pacific Ocean, around New Zealand to the Coral Sea, where Dan sailed to Australia in his twenties, catching barracuda, squid and flying fish; Dan also followed Humpback whales and the Southern Cross stars where he learnt to scuba dive off  the yacht he worked for passage as a deckhand. More than twenty years on, Dan and his father still return to wild Alaskan rivers in their quest for the perfect catch. This book is based on a combination of all Dan’s experiences and his love of the water’s wilderness, both above and below.


Pegasus II Christopher Wills: ISBN 978-1-909660-71-7 - This book is based on a mix of fact and fiction. All the locations are real and have been visited by the author, readers are invited to decide for themselves how much of the book is dedicated to fact. One thing is certainly fact, the curse of drug use and the violent world it creates is so very easy to be drawn into. Just ask our Pompey lads.available on amazon:


Norton Island - Sketches from Nature: Monique Seyler - available as a free ebook at -

Volumes, scores have been written about the artistic inspiration that can come from living on an island. This is an account of one such experience. In 2010, I was invited by the Eastern Frontier Education Foundation to an artist residency on Norton Island, Maine where a dozen writers, musicians and artists gather on this 150 acre rugged idyll to muse, create, and interact over a several week period.  In 2016 I was again invited.

That's Just the Way It Was ISBN 9781909 66066

Well I James Andrew Lawlor was born on the 24th September 1944, in number 11 Cormac Terrace, Dublin, which is in Southern Ireland. My parents were mother, Ruby Ester Lawlor and my father Joseph Alfred Lawlor, but everyone called him Alfie. I was the fourth entry to the Lawlor family already having two older brothers and an older sister. But I am not sure that I was a welcome bundle of joy, especially with World War two going on, just another mouth to feed, as they were already having problems feeding the family, after all my so called father was only a building labourer, not earning a fortune as he thought he would by leaving Dublin and going to Scotland and different parts of England to find work with his brother John.

Saturday’s Child ISBN; 9 781909 660397 Charlotte Finlay

‘Saturday’s Child’ is a mother’s story of how she learned to understand her much loved elder child who was somehow ‘slightly different.’ Nicola, more than most babies, struggled to find her way in her new world.
    Charlotte Finlay gives a gentle and honest account of how she and her family learned from Nicola and created a secure base from which she could eventually reach out towards independence.
    From when Nicola was very small, her mother realised that she was not progressing as well as she expected, though there was nothing specific which seemed to be lacking. She could not find any professionals who would acknowledge her concerns. At her first school the class teacher said she was bewildered by this unusual child. Later she was put in a class for ‘educationally subnormal’ pupils. Labels may change over time, but it is society’s behaviour that affects the individual.
    Along the way there were a few individuals who understood the situation and had the imagination and commitment to open doors and allow Nicola the space to be herself. Nicola has been in employment for the vast majority of her adult life. She enjoys cleaning and washing up which enables her to contribute to society.


Crossing Borders Wolfgang Pietrek - ISBN 978-1-909660-65-6 £8.50 -

“I descended from the embankment down to
the river and started wading slowly towards
the middle when suddenly I found myself
targeted by a strong searchlight. I was told
by a loudspeaker to return immediately to
the eastern embankment. With the western
embankment only a few metres away, should
I simply ignore this command and make a
dash for it?”

New, upcoming titles published in June

Different Shades of Messed Up, Ms Honey. In today’s society, female sexuality is often treated as a taboo. However, with our Miss Honey that mentality is a thing of the past. Her recent novel illustrates, literally, how this powerful female takes control of her sexuality. It also demonstrates the success of self-publishing and how the process can liberate and empower authors, breaking convention and giving minorities a voice. ISBN 9781909660526 £7.95

Visions of China, Ann Balfour. A collection of unique and original images from 1925-5, China. Ann Balfour had been intending to do something with the hoard of images, notes and diaries left by her father, Captain C M Butlin for ages when we met her. Hundreds of negatives, photos, scraps of paper and memorabilia were handed over in plastic carrier bags. We sifted and sorted, prioritised and printed, selected and edited until we had a strong and cohesive narrative worth publishing. Beautifully presented, this historical photo book reignites and celebrates a long forgotten part of Chinese heritage and history. ISBN 978-1-909660-62-5 soft back edition, £9.95

From Wiltshire to Wales, Ray Palmer. This is the story of an ordinary family. It is a large family, but an ordinary one nonetheless. This family is steeped in the principle of hard work, who through at least six centuries and many generations have strived to give their children a reasonable start in life and a good Christian home. It is a story of extremes, of a successful settled and respected family who suddenly and through no fault of their own fall upon hard times, and then some generations later and through their own efforts turn their fortunes around again. Like most families, they had their share of tragedies, some of which we cannot begin to imagine today; but there are also indications of much happiness and very strong family bonds. ISBN 978-1-909660-63-2

Brothers of Rome, Ed Scullion. Set in ancient Roman times, this historical novel is a compelling read. Young Manius Vetius’s journey is one of self discovery, which will take him to the four corners of the known world, soon to become Rome’s new Empire. He is haunted by not knowing who his father was, and the quest for the truth will take him on a collision course with lies, deceit, and betrayal, but he will also come to understand true friendship, camaraderie, loyalty and love. This pacey story is written using contemporary language and idioms, with credible characters, drama and action. ISBN 9781909660403 £7.95

Exhibition brochure for the private view of the work of the late Jacob Matheson. Printed on offset with a mat laminated cover, embossed and foiled (printed only by Tricorn).

French Dressing, Monica Matterson. Contrary to the impression given by the title, this is not a recipe book, but more of a leisurely drift through France and Italy with the author and her retired husband in their 32ft ketch, Kalivala. It contains the sweet and sour taste of Mediterranean cruising with the hopes and fears of these two slightly timorous wrinklies, while taking a poke at every day life and customs. The narrative is woven around sketches and paintings made by the author during the voyage, with the observations taken from a daily log, being highly non-technical. The author did not learn to sail until she was over 50 years old, when with her husband Sam, she started the R.Y.A. courses at evening classes in the heart of the midlands to obtain Yachtmaster certificate.


Nigeria on the Brink: Countdown to the Endgame. Patrick Chris Okeke  This book takes a close look at the political landscape of Nigeria since its exploitation, colonisation, independence and subsequent creation as an artificial nation-state, that has been dismantled by the same military establishment meant to safeguard it.

150 Best of 5 questions for the Nephrology Specialty Certificate Exam - with an extra 50 questions on FREE CD

This book fills the gap for nephrology trainees

The Royal College of Physicians’ Nephrology Specialty Certificate Exam was introduced in 2010 and provides a further hurdle for nephrology trainees in their career path towards eligibility for a consultant post. For those nephrologists working outside the UK, success with this exam can facilitate acquisition of a more favourable career path. The exam is far from inexpensive and it can be only attempted once in a calendar year, and so it follows that candidates should try to maximise their chances of success.

However, at the current time there are only limited resources to help candidates prepare for the exam.

This is where Dr Rahman and Dr Mushtaq’s 150 Best of 5 questions for the Nephrology Specialty Certificate Exam fills the gap. The questions provided in this book have been carefully selected to represent the topics covered in the postgraduate nephrology syllabus and are typical in structure and degree of difficulty to the questions seen in the exam.

Most impressive is the style of the up to date, evidence based and comprehensive explanations that underpin each topic, the regular use of images and tables making this resource not only a reliable, but also enjoyable, source of reference and learning.

£59.99 ISBN: 978-1-909660-56-4 Also available as eReader. Initial enquiries through this website


Fartleks and Flatulence, Dave Berridge. David, a 53 year old civil servant, took up running after watching a piece about the Marathon Des Sables on the television. At the age of 35 he limped and hobbled his way over the finish line of the 11th Marathon Des Sables in 126th place. A love of Ultra-distance running developed. He has had success and failure, from being last in the Norseman Extreme Triathlon to being a top ten finisher in his last Desert race and ultimately winning the 6633 Ultra - a tough 352 mile race through the Arctic. This sometimes humorous book looks at the highs and lows, the what to dos and the what not to dos. The agony and the ecstasy that is the sport of Ultra-distance running



Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth, Mike Underwood,  ISBN 9 7 8 1 9 0 9 6 6 0 2 0 5  - available now... Gunwharf Quays is the UK’s premier world class shopping, leisure and residential waterfront development, attracting millions of visitors every year. Few realise that its history began more than 300 years ago when land was reclaimed from Portsmouth Harbour to provide a nationally important wharf for naval and army guns. Portsmouth’s gunwharf was the largest in Britain. Early in the last century it became the HMS Vernon school for torpedoes and mines. In 1996 the site was sold and within five years had been transformed into Gunwharf Quays. Author Michael Underwood’s experience, as the architect responsible for repairing and conserving historic buildings at Gunwharf Quays during its development, makes him uniquely qualified to tell the story. He has been afforded unparalleled access to documents, maps, plans, drawings and photographs which he brings together for the first time in this fascinating book.


Blandford Rd, Journey of a Spirit Walker: Paul Cissell  ISBN 978-1-909660-43-4 In the February of 1965 a boy was born into an ordinary working class family. What followed, in a modest three bedroomed house was many years of some of the most frightening spiritual occurrences that on first reflection would have appeared to have come straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. But this was no movie.
Fact or fiction this book dares to tread a path that some fear to walk. Do spiritual dark and light forces meet to take control of the living or is this nothing more than a normal human experience?  And why do so many children report seeing ghostly strangers in their houses and why are they there?

The Ultimate Guide to Method Acting Brian Timoney ISBN 978-1-909660-36-6 £15.99. The Method is one of the most successful acting techniques ever invented. It is used by many of the world’s greatest actors, including Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Mickey Rourke, to name but a few. Despite its success, there have been very few books that provide a practical, step-by-step guide to learning and using the technique…until now. The Ultimate Guide to Method Acting takes you through the exercises and practical techniques that the world’s most successful actors use to achieve outstanding acting.

About the Author: Brian Timoney is one of the world’s leading Method acting coaches and the founder of the acclaimed Brian Timoney Actors Studio. He has worked in the industry for over 20 years in TV, film and theatre, as well as with leading UK film directors, including Ken Loach and Danny Boyle. At his studios, in London and Los Angeles, Brian and his team are dedicated to training aspiring actors in the Method, giving them the skills to navigate the art, craft and business of acting, for career success.

Schizophrenia or Spirit Possession Mike Williamson. While working as a medium over the past 35 years, I have met many people who thought they were mentally ill because they were hearing voices. There are people who will live their lives taking drugs they don’t need, because the medical profession don’t believe a person's brain can be affected by discarnate spirit. There are other causes for hearing voices and having mood swings etc. Like the side effects when taking medication and certain illnesses. When these have been eliminated then there can be only one cause.


The Happy Warrior, From Leeds United to Burma Jan Rippin The story of Eric Stephenson 1914-1944
In this book about his life, Eric Stephenson’s story is told as much as possible in his own words, and those of his contemporaries, using letters, press reports, recollections of people who knew him, and regimental records. In his short life Eric travelled from a working class home in east London to the war-torn jungles and mountains of Burma. As a young man he played for Leeds United FC, achieving national success in his beloved football, and eventually playing for England. He enlisted in 1939 and after a year in the ranks he trained at Sandhurst, then was deployed in Burma where he fought in Wingate’s gruelling campaigns as an officer with the Second Gurkha Rifles.


The Diary of John Davis. Seventy-year-old John Davis, retired builder, has built most things in his life and can work out the trickiest of drawings and plans. However, he has always been intrigued with how on earth the Egyptians managed to construct monumental pyramids, thousands of years ago and in particular, the Great Pyramid at Giza. That is, until now. John has spent the last fifty years investigating his theories and this diary is an illustrated record of his findings, using his own diagrams, photographs and plans. Contained within is a DVD of John’s movies that show how his diagrams could actually work, using models that he built himself. Whilst John does not presume that he has it all correct, he believes he is very close and lays out his research over 50 years in this new title. ISBN: 978-1-909660-31-1 £10 including DVD


The Emma Curtis Triology, Book 1 The Secret Drawer Taff Jones. Accidentally caught up in something mysterious, Emma Curtis takes action to find out the truth about what is going on. Such actions have consequences and what she discovers could well lead her into danger. The storyline runs from compassion to excitement, from anger to despair. Anyone reading The Secret Drawer will feel respect and admiration for this brave young woman and would certainly be interested in finding out what happens next in the continuing story of her life. Available as an ebook and via Amazon as a Kindle edition @ £2.46

The Emma Curtis Triology, Book 2 The Moor

The Emma Curtis Triology, Book 3 The Reunion



Asperger's Ready For Battle; The Plain Truth Simon Newell. "A 1st hand account of a man/boy suffering with Asperger Syndrome, telling it as a Reflection, in his Asp-ie words. This is Simon’s Story."



Essence of Rose had been working progress for Penny Jenkins for at least a year when she contacted Tricorn. Never having written a book before, Penny was unsure if her ideas were viable. Whilst the original manuscript needed editing and proofing, which we organised and actioned, Penny's story-telling skills were evident. Events in her own life and work as an astrologer and palmist helped to inform story arcs and some of the characters in this tale of love, loss and redemption. Gripping until the end, it's Penny's own Shades of Grey. Available online and retail outlets @ £9.95. ISBN: 978-1-909660-28-1


Maybe Alex Hibbert £9 Available from author From the time of the pioneers to the present day, human travel into the remote and frozen expanses of our planet has been steeped in stories of struggle and elation, danger and awe. Our time plays host to a period of fascinating and rapid evolution for polar exploration.
Changing attitudes and threats to its very existence have ensured an uneasy and divisive journey into the twenty-first century. In Maybe, Alex Hibbert calls on his insight and experiences to shed light on the realities of modern polar expeditions, combining social commentary with fast-paced accounts of his novel journeys. He takes us with him as he travels across fifty-mile-wide crevasse fields, to the politics of London and back to the pitch-blackness of a polar winter.


The Long Haul Alex Hibbert.  Foreword by Pen Hadow.  ISBN: 978-0-9562498-2-1  £8.99
On 16th July 2008, Alex Hibbert and George Bullard reached the Arctic coast of Greenland, having spent four months unsupported on the icecap. Starved and dizzy, they had man-hauled 430lb sledges 1374 miles in unbroken steps, further than any previous unsupported polar expedition in history.  This account is filled with stark recollections of adrenaline and reflection in the face of the enormous odds stacked against them.

Jonathan Sternberg Carl Vigeland. Biography. Every generation produces a handful of men and women who possess extraordinary powers and energy and sensitivity, who embody nature itself. Jonathan Sternberg is one of these unusual people. Like the sky or wind or the stars, his knowledge of music is vast, traverses cultures and times, and covers a global range of feelings, tones, tempos and themes. Like the clouds, he is ever changing, witty, brave enough to be silly, ornately designed and constructed and lacelike, refined and deep and foamy in places; he blankets us with his knowledge and great warmth. Just as a mountain, Jonathan has withstood storms of personal loss and disappointment, and yet he has only grown more imposing, essential, and, yes, heroic, with time.


Pounding Words A novella, celebrating the City of Portsmouth 
through the wisdom of Charles Dickens and the spirit of John Pounds. Written by Anne Hunt, Liz Neal, John Pearson, Eileen Phyall, Maggie Sawkins & Steve Tasane. Pounding Words is an 11,000 word novella, which for good measure celebrates one of Portsmouth's other golden sons - John Pounds, instigator of free education for all - and one of its lesser known, but equally loved characters, Curly Ash, Portsmouth's last-known rag and bone man.


Portsmouth from Family Archives Matthew & Jonathan Ring. ISBN 978-0-9571074-3-4. From their family's own extensive collection of photographs over the last 50 years, Matthew & Jonathan have created a visual narrative of life in Portsmouth.


Quiet Camera Dan Bernard, ISBN 978-0-9573435-4-2. A collection of travel photographs from around the world taken over the last 3 years, price £25
Dan Bernard’s photography is cinematic in its visual scope. His richness of colour and light produces a grand vision, one which sets the world out as a luxuriant celluloid backdrop. But what he chooses to captures is not the heated narrative, or a battering car chase of the movie but the essential moments of rest, placed between the action. He captures the scene setters, the pauses, the moments before the drama starts, the silent seconds that formulate the mood for the films next step. The quintessential modern quiet moments - reflective and motionless.


Dancing into Darkness Deborah Wardle. ISBN: 978-0-9573435-3-5  £8.95
Desperate to keep her daughter safe, Jeannette’s motherly instinct leaves her facing a prison sentence. Fleeing for her life after an unexpected escape presented itself; Jeannette’s terror was by no means over. Seen as the vindictive, jealous ex-spouse by the courts they allowed her abuser to continue his reign of control from afar. Ordered to return her frightened daughter for access visits Jeannette’s pleas go ignored during the three-year court battle to protect her child. With no witness to her or her children’s torment, she knew bearing her soul was the only way to persuade the court they had made a serious error of judgement. As the extent of Billy’s cruel physical, sexual and mental abuse unfolds; a stunned courtroom realizes a serious injustice must be rectified.

Deborah was born in Newthorpe, Nottinghamshire and grew up in the neighbouring small mining town of Eastwood. She began writing at the age of thirty-one to release the pain and emotions held inside after the death of her mother. Finding her work was developing from her own experiences of life, ‘Dancing into Darkness’ liberated deep-rooted sorrow and hidden memories.


Till Roll Poems Claire Hills £6.95. Working on a busy checkout at her local supermarket, Claire Hills meets many different characters, who between them, have inspired her to produce this book. It is a gentle and humourous collection of poems that reflect the life and aspirations of a working mum.


DECODED Ancient Egyptian And Bantu Symbiotic Affinities and Relationships between Ancient Egyptian and Bantu Vocabulary
This book illustrates substantial resemblances in lexical terms and demonstrates that the core vocabulary of the Ancient Egyptian language lies within the Bantu family.  The challenging evidence presented in this book is derived from a historical perspective which examines the ongoing linguistic relationship between the Kiswahili-Bantu and Bantu languages of East/Central and Southern Africa. Not currently available.


All for the Love of Our Lady Patricia Brookes  ISBN 978-0-9568743-7-5 £8.99 A true story about an ordinary lady with an extraordinary life; of someone whose strong Catholic faith helped her to overcome many difficulties and go on to enjoy a fulfilling life, despite its set backs.

Born in Birmingham, England, at the beginning of World War II, Patricia Brookes was the eldest of five children. She had a poor childhood, and her mother struggled to bring her and her siblings up without a father. When her mother remarried, the family emigrated to Australia, where Pat married and had two of her four children, before returning to England six years later. 

During her life she developed cancer, which was cured in Lourdes; her youngest brother committed suicide; she met her real father after thirty years absence and then sadly, she lost her only daughter. Pat worked tirelessly in the Legion of Mary for twenty years.

Written open and honestly, in a matter-of-fact style, it is a page-turner of a book that is absorbing, enjoyable and restores one's faith in human nature.


Telephone Calls from the Dead Callum E. Cooper ISBN 978-0-9571074-1-0 £8.95 Available
Many people, when asked, will say that at some point in their lives that they have experienced what they believe to be a ghost, or have had a psychic experience.  However, will many people openly admit that they have experienced what they believe to be a 'phone call from the dead'?  This question has been asked before, and was investigated back in 1979, in a book entitled Phone Calls from the Dead, written by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless.  For many years, this subject has remained dormant, until now, thirty years on, in this new book where the research has been revived and continued.   New cases of anomalous telephone communication have been researched, new history has been considered, new findings are presented and alternative theories for how such events take place are discussed.  

There are potentially hundreds of people who have experienced these bizarre events of telephone calls from the dead, and much like ghosts, and any other parapsychological phenomena, they appear to be highly common. Once all explanations have been considered, psychological and physical, are we genuinely faced with the reality of contact with the dead and evidence for survival?


Early Years at Postcard Corner Real People, Imaginary Lives Allan Burnett  ISBN 978-0-9571074-5-8.
A collection of short stories from Alan Burnett based on true characters he met in his many years of travelling, working overseas and life in the public domain. He records the places and events of his experiences, interweaving these with the ‘what ifs’ and fictitious license. 

Born in Cumbria, and having attended Durham, Indiana and Southampton University, Alan taught Human Geography in Portsmouth, before taking up the mantle of Labour Councilor for Portsmouth and subsequently the role of Lord Mayor. A resident in Southsea since the sixties, with a passion for jazz, football and the community, this is Alan’s first major work of fiction. A far-reaching, diverse and eclectic compilation.


Creating Colour with Dinky Doodle airbrush paints Dawn Butler
Dawn Butler, founder of Dinkydoodle Designs. When she isn’t busy being a wife, and mother to her young family, she spends her days designing and creating cakes, developing exciting new and innovative cake craft products, and teaching her novelty cake and airbrushing skills around the globe! In just three years, Dawn has gained the recognition of being one of the world’s leading cake specialists and has a growing number of followers – all wondering what on earth she will come up with next! But how did it all begin?


The Forever Never by Dan English ISBN 978-0-9573435-5-9 £9.95 - A collection of Poetry and Photography


CREATIVE PORTSMOUTH Exploring the creative elements of the city through its people, community, businesses and students  Claire Sambrook ISBN 978-0-9567597-3-3 priced £10


Where there's a Bill there's a Way Bill Furlong. ISBN 978-0-9571074-8-9 £7.95 paperback & £1.53 as a Kindle via Amazon. Bill's own account of growing up and living with autism that is sometimes heartbreakingly hilarious in its candour, hard reading in its sadness, and intense in its overwhelmingness, but in all that, it is a real page turner that takes you on an enlightening journey of his life, in his words, through his eyes.

"I could not put the book down...Bill welcomes you into his world...It has been a privilege and honour to have been asked to read this book." Andrew Monaghan, CEO Hampshire Autistic Society.

"Compulsive cinematic reading!" Denyse King, writer in residence.

What's the Story Compiled by DJ Kirkby,  2 volumes Older and Younger residents of Portsmouth. Ever wondered what it would be like to ride a car rot to the moon, battle aliens with cake, live in a world filled with glitter, fairies and rainbows or go for a boat ride with King Henry V III? This collection of stories, poems and plays by the young people of Portsmouth will answer all those questions and more!


Chasing Ghosts Mehmet Ramadan ISBN 978-0-9571074-7-2. Original screenplay; a gripping tale of a woman's descent into madness who is chased by the devil; it is currently under option.

Dickens and the Victorian City Patricia Pulham and Brad Beaven; Design Roo Abrook.  ISBN 978-0-9571074-9-6  £9.95  A4, 52 pages full colour. Available from Blackwells, Portsmouth: This book looks at Dickens and the Victorian city in relation to some of the issues that informed his writing, including crime, poverty, education, gender and theatrical performance. Making parallels between London and Portsmouth, it aims to highlight those points at which Portsmouth, the city in which Dickens was born, becomes visible in his work and considers Portsmouth as a microcosmic version of London, sharing with the metropolis many of the social and political concerns that animated Dickens during his lifetime.


Tennyson's Celebrity Circle Charlotte Boyce and Páraic Finnerty ISBN 978-0-9568743-6-8 £7.50. Available via this website. From 1853 until his death in 1892, the Poet Laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson resided in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight.  Here, he wrote some of his most famous work and attracted a colourful coterie of Victorian literary, artistic and theatrical celebrities around him. This booklet tells the story of the interactions and collaboration of this celebrity circle which included the photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, the writer Lewis Carroll, the poet Edward Lear, the painter G. F. Watts and the actress Ellen Terry.


Fratton Locomotive Depot Michael Harvey. ISBN 978-0-9571074-2-7 £14.99. A4 size, 160 pages, featuring over 150 previously un-published photographic gems by the late Eric Grace, it provides an illustrated history of the comings and goings from this depot. A must have.

Granny’s Gorgeous Alphabet Celia Clark  ISBN 978-0-9567597-4-0 £12.99


Hope's Truth Stuart Olds ISBN 978-0-9567597-2-6  Available in softback & on Kindle at Amazon


Barnaby Rudge  A tale of the riots of 1780  Charles Dickens. Compiled by Vernon Bye and Eileen Norris. £6.99 Most people will know that Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth in 1812, and that 2012 will celebrate his bi-centenary. The Dickens Fellowship will be holding its International Conference in Portsmouth in August 2012. Whilst everybody is likely to have heard of Oliver, fewer people will have read Barnaby Rudge.


Introducing the 'M' Word Engaging Young People with Museums and Cultural Services Katherine Webber, Gail Baird & Dan Bernard
ISBN: 978-0-9562498-3-8  £19.99
This book was produced as a permanent record, credible legacy and celebration of the work and commitment of the young people of Hillside Young Peoples Centre, and all those involved in the ‘PUSH4Culture’ and ‘Discovering D-Day’ projects, demonstrating what is possible.


STANDARDS ASSOCIATED WITH THE PRODUCTION COST IN TURKISH ACCOUNTING STANDARDS Associate Professor Dr. Fehmi Yıldız Trakya University Edirne, Turkey. ISBN 978-0-9568743-5-1


Traveling the Highway My way of Life Anthony Cooke.  Coach travel in Hampshire since 1970 ISBN: 978-0-9573435-1-1  £19.95  Call for details


Yachts, Boats & Classic Cars Robert Simmonds  ISBN 978-0-9568743-9-9 £15.99. Robert is a freelance photographer who went to college in Sussex; he lives on the Isle of Wight. Yachts, Boats & Classic Cars is an example of his work portraying nautical and automotive scenes.


Hilsea Lido 75: 75th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet Jane Smith ISBN: 978-0-9562498-7-6  £4.50
Hilsea Lido 75 gives us a chance to enjoy a pleasurable and nostaligic trip back over the last 75 years and, in the process, gives us a glimpse of the vitality and excitement that was Lido life. Jane Smith is a local historian and the author of “The Book of Hilsea: Gateway to Portsmouth”.


The Tricorn The Life and Death of a Sixties Icon Celia Clark and Robert Cook.  Corrected re-print, full colour.  ISBN: 978-0-9562498-5-2   £19.99. Love it or hate it, there’s no middle ground in reactions to the Tricorn: the Brutalist, bold, multi-layered and multi-use megastructure built in Portsmouth between 1962 and 1966, and demolished in 2004. Celia Clark and Robert Cook explore what makes an architectural icon - and what unmade it.

The Tricorn The Life and Death of a Sixties Icon Celia Clark & Robert Cook.  ISBN: 978-0-9562498-0-7   £19.99
The original story of The Tricorn. Printed in black and white with partial colour plates.


The Ordnance of Southsea Castle AL Boxell  ISBN: 978-0-9562498-4-5   £12.99
Usually an author writes a book then decides on the cover. This book is possibly the first book ever written to provide a book cover with some content. Some time ago, while taking photographs for what was at that time intended to be his first book, Tony Boxell thought that a photograph of the words 'Southsea Castle' on the castle wall, framed within the breech loop of the gun stationed outside it, would make an ideal book cover.  To make this thought a reality though, would require a book about the castle.


Ursula Sternberg Liberated in Holland, to flower in Philadelphia Text © Roger James. All images courtesy of Jonathan Sternberg ISBN 978-0-9562498-1-9


Montgomery at Normandy Roger James  ISBN 978-0-9567597-0-2


Monty at Alamiein  Roger James  ISBN: 978-0-9562498-1-4   £4.95
This is not a blow by blow account of the battle but an account of how Bernard Montgomery came to the command of the British 8th Army and how all the facets of his particular genius were needed to bring about this famous victory.