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Three Royal Sisters Elena Sommers   - SBN 9781909660861, £7.99 Once upon a time there was a very tall white castle near the blue, round lake. It was surrounded by green fields and rolling hills that nearly touched the clouds. The old King of Philiphia lived there with his three beautiful teenage daughters: Rosella, Snowflake and Mary.


Down on Red Bucket Farm - Francis Emery

Until the creation of this book, my only claim to fame was sharing my christian name, and my birthday with the Pope. It was very good of him to point that out. We have never met of course, but
it was the chance meeting with a mouse, here deep in the South Downs, that has inspired everything within.
        Fairly soon after my own creation, the need to make people laugh was a discovery I enjoyed making, and I have never let go of that. My first poem exists somewhere in a school magazine c1960, but creating humorous verse has only really started for me in recent years.
    It is the people around me though, who have pushed me towards ‘Down on Red Bucket Farm’.   
    Kind comments about my work, but especially hearing people laugh out loud at the antics of the characters within made it all happen.

The Farmers Lot, Ivor Dungheap available November 2016 - The Farmer’s Lot is a very funny book written in verse about a farmer, Mick, his wife, Dotty, and their son, Freddie. The amazing caricature illustrations bring the book to life, enhancing the story of everyday madness on the family’s Dorset farm. The antics are set across the four seasons of the year.


Basic Steps to Stories & 5 Stories of a Plot

ISBN: 9781909660489

This fourth title, written and illustrated by 12-year-old Daniella Nengi Dan-Jumbo Clinton is intended to help young, aspiring writers in the art of story writing. It introduces the plot as the key to story writing, and takes the reader through 5 key steps of the process. It will prove a useful guide for both children and teenagers, and is available through this website @ £2.99.

This is the third book from 12-year-old Daniella Nengi Dan-Jumbo Clinton. It is an adaptation of a true life story that was shared with the author by a family friend during one of Daniella's visits to Nigeria. Daniella was only 7 years old when she completed her first two story books, The Snake and the Hunter's Wife and Daniel in Toyland both published by Tricorn Books. A 52 page, story book, with full colour illustrations @ £3.50, this book is available through this website.

Using a combination of original photography and illustration, this A4, 20 page, full colour story book of Mister Toad's mishaps is a steal at a rrp of £4.99. Aimed at the 3-5 year-old children's market, it is a perfect format to read with children, and for them to delight in this cheeky character.

With original illustration and photography developed in-house, this delightful children's book contains three new stories about the rescued cat, Nancy. In a square, PUR bind format, with 86 pages of full colour illustrations on good quality stock, it represents excellent value for both author and purchaser.


Boxed-sets of books and individual items

We all have our favourite, saddest and most exotic that often make us look back on our childhood through rose-tinted spectacles and see endless summer holidays, with lashings of ginger beer, hidden worlds or our favourite super heroes.

Two of Tricorn’s favourite contributions to this genre are ‘Clever Freddie the Mischievous Fox’ and ‘Granny’s Gorgeous Alphabet’. Both are beautifully illustrated, the first by a very talented illustrator in colour wash and ink, the second by the author’s own quirky and colourful photographs making both ‘pick me up and buy me’ books. But, children’s books don’t have to be full of illustrations. Intelligent design can make text only books engaging, black and white pages come alive and seemingly impossible conundrums work, which is what we are good at.

Contact us for a chat about how you can turn your stories, tales and vision, into something to share with children and for children, and self publish your own children's book.