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Affordable self publishing and book printing specialists, providing a personal service to authors.

The books we produce are of a quality that will sit happily on the shelf of any leading book store, giving the author the credibility and confidence they need when selling their work. We have a proven track record over the last 8 years, trading in a very difficult economic environment, of attracting and supporting first time authors by developing a personal working relationship.

We are a small, local company that packs a punch, having worked with some high profile, national and international clients that include the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, Alex Thomson Racing & Hugo Boss, Falkland Island Government and the Royal Navy, Nephrology specialist Dr RF Mushtaq and international artist Ursula Sternberg, as well as local authors – and everything in between. Our prices are competitive, our policy transparent and our authors the focus of our attention in everything we do.

Memoirs, art, history; fiction or fact - contact us now to find out more from the leading publishers in Portsmouth.

Service, support & someone to talk to

Self publishing allows an author to get their manuscript in the public domain as a finished product - a book published according to industry standards. It involves a series of processes from editing to typesetting to print management, all of which require skill and expertise. Whilst some authors may be able to do this for themselves, most choose to use the services of a self publishing company, such as Tricorn Books who have the skills, expertise and industry knowledge.

In the last few years self publishing has become a recognised way of publishing a book by authors and retailers alike, and allows authors a foothold on the publishing ladder. With even giants like Penguin following this lead, it can only become more mainstream and attractive for authors.

At Tricorn, you are in control of the whole creative, selling and marketing process, and when you sell your books, you get to keep all the money from those sales.

As printing technology has developed, costs of publishing and printing have fallen, making them more affordable and accessible. We use a range of good quality printers to produce our books that are commercially viable for authors. These books will stand up next to any of those already in a bookshop and can come in any shape, size or quantity.
We work with a wide range of writers, across different genres to design, produce and publish titles, for a fixed fee. We then negotiate the best possible price for printing the books, print manage the whole process and you pay for as many or as few you want – whether that is 1 book or 1,000 – and don't forget – get to keep all the profit!

We are also offering great deals on eBooks.

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